How to prepare for a marathon

Even for the highly trained runners or professional athletes, running a full-length marathon requires excessive and long-lasting preparations. If you are considering to sign up for your first marathon, take the challenge extremely serious and prepare yourself in every aspect thoroughly. The essential term for running a marathon is – strong motivation. People opt for marathons out of most different reasons. Usually, marathon comes as the ultimate physical challenge to people who had been running long distances for some time. Others simply want to push their limits, take part in a charity race, even try to win a bet with friends. Keep reminding yourself of this primary motivation every time the road gets too tough.

Equip yourself properly

post1aFull distance marathon imposes rigorous requirements regarding the sports gear you will use, as well as regarding your overall physical condition. If you are not experienced enough, consult other runners or experts to guide you when choosing running shoes and clothes and all other necessary accessories. Also, before you engage into any kind of training, conduct complete physical examination and consult your physician to set your physical limitations and assist you in preventing injuries.

The tough work

Most experienced runners agree that you will need at least a year of running constant base mileage and regular exercising before engaging into a particular marathon program. Therefore, the first step is to start at least a year before the planned race. Depending on your fitness level at the beginning, it will take you a certain time of graduate increasing the weekly running distance before you reach 30 miles a week, which should be your average base mileage for months ahead. Starting with smaller distances and gradual increasing are essential to avoid exhausting your muscles and exposing yourself to various injuries. You can even run several smaller races just to get a picture of how prepared you are.

Proper marathon training program

post1bThe whole marathon program is usually divided into four major phases. The first one refers to building steady weekly mileage that you will run several times a week. Once this distance becomes easy for you to complete, start running long distances once a week. Running long distances will train your durability, but you also need tempo training with intervals of various running speed to boost your cardio capacity. Different professional runners use different schemes for these intervals, so you should try few of them to see which one suits you best.

Adequate resting, diet, and hydration

Although many inexperienced runners are trying to push their limits way too quickly while preparing for a marathon, every proper training has to include adequate recovering period and resting phases. Also, consult experts to guide you regarding proper diet and hydration, which are both essential for boosting your energy capacities and empowering your body for this extreme physical challenge. Finally, the quality recovering period will prevent physical overwhelming, but mental burnout syndrome as well.