Atlanta, GA Marathon – Organizers

Marathons taking place in Atlanta, GA region have become worldwide attraction long time ago. This athletic discipline has thousands of passionate lovers and a decades-long tradition of regular organizing in this area. The first organized marathon was a traditional, full length, 21,2 km – long running distance. Later, as the local marathon community had been expanding and more training clubs emerged, the organizers founded several more well-known races. This includes Atlanta Half-marathon, 10 – miler race and currently the community is preparing to organize an Olympic marathon in 2020. Since the first organized marathon took place, the whole marathon community has expanded enormously, the mere organization is at impressive quality level nowadays.

The organizers created long-term contracts and partnership with many associated companies and organizations in order to provide a comfortable environment and the necessary features to host thousands of runners annually. Since the interest among people rose, dozens of local athletic clubs emerged and provided marathon training program. Most of these organizations throw some of their own races during a year aside several regular marathons organized by Atlanta, GA government. Here are some of the most reputable organizers.

Atlanta Track Club

post2aProbably the most popular athletic organization in Atlanta, GA is Atlanta Track Club, founded half a century ago. This organization is focused onto general promotion of healthy lifestyle, wellness and fitness via diverse sports programs and activities. Here you will find courses and training of many other forms of sport, but the club is the most recognizable as the leading organizer of the Atlanta marathon, Atlanta half marathon and the Peachtree Road Race that take place every year and host thousands of runners of all age.

Atlanta Southside Runners

This running community has a long tradition of providing running training and programs and their number of regular members is constantly increasing. Atlanta Southside Runners stimulate people to engage into athletic and maintain their health and fitness level by regular running. The organization hosts one big race for all their members once in a year, but they also throw dozens of smaller running events and short distances races. This comes as an excellent preparation for full distance marathon participants.


Atlanta Marathon Club

Atlanta Marathon Club is a professional marathon training organization that organizes several full distance races annually. The Club is familiar for its so-called “Spring” and “Fall” training. The first model of marathon training takes place from January to March and the second one prepares participants for marathons organized during the fall, preparing them from June to November. The training program is designed as a medium level, therefore most of the members of this club are relatively experienced runners at the intermediate running level.


Atlanta Singles Running Organization

This organization isn’t throwing any of the marathon events, but they are extremely popular among people living in Atlanta, GA region. They are focused onto motivating and engaging a wide range of individuals, coming from all age groups, to improve their health and fitness by regular running. The organization hosts many races, and although none of them is full-length marathon, there are thousands of regular participants.